Recipe Cost Excel Sheet

Whether we create at home or cook professionally, at one time or another, we would want to know how much does it cost to produce a dish from a base recipe. Or on the other hand, how to optimize recipe cost so that we can create a profitable standard recipe. We can crunch the numbers, keep shopping receipts, and calculate yield. But it’s a headache to do it manually. Even us professionals would not rather do it sometimes.

There are automated recipe costing software out there, and they cost in the hundreds of dollars. 75% of the features you don’t understand, much less use. How about a simple recipe cost sheet that you can use over and over again?. One that is user friendly, fully automated, and easy to maintain? Best of all, at a very reasonable price. (Hey, I gotta eat my cake, too).

I am offering a simple recipe cost sheet solution at a price of $4.99. It’s an MS Excel Spreadsheet solution that works. It does all the calculation for you. All you have to do is put in the ingredients, their base costs and yield, and it will give you calculated portion, serving or batch cost. It even automates when you last revised the recipe. It also has a simple ingredients database. A recipe could be calculated within a matter of minutes as compared to manually tearing up paper and going the full 8 rounds with a calculator.

The file is a zip file with the Excel spread sheet and ReadMe file for simple instructions. Just click on the Paypal Button and it will be sent to you schnell.

So, digitize all your recipes. Have it automatically costed out. Compile it. Print it when you need to. In the long run, you will know exactly how much you should sell your cake at the next bake-off.

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