Moving on...

I left Makati Skyline almost two months ago. It's amazing the kind of crab mentality that goes on in a company. The transition to the international standards of ISS will make it difficult for everybody, especially the newly hired high powered professionals who are supposed to make it a professional company.
Right now I have been working for Werdenberg International for a week. And I have to say, their restaurants are the most modern ones I have had the oportunity to work in. Swiss standards have made the kitchen close to perfection, as sharp as one my knives.
So i have been busy these past few weeks to attend to this blog. But with so much material to work with from the Italian Restaurant Carpaccio, I would be hard pressed to find a mundane topic to discuss.
This morning I found out that my former boss Chef Michele of Makati Skyline passed away yesterday. A very good French Chef, I regret not having spend enough time with him to learn.
Strike the iron while it's hot. Good things are not handed to us on a silver platter. It is presented to us as opportunities.