I'm back

It's been awhile since I last wrote on this blog. I haven't realized it was flooded with Instagram images. Somewhere along the way I have automated some daily activities and spread my digital self thin.
Suddenly my posts are a motley collection of nonsense, recipes and wandering thoughts that have no coherent direction. I guess the chaos theory applies here. And I have recently started to rein in the over reaching tendrils of unorganized digital behavior to get back to why I started writing in the first place.
Since my last sensible article:

  • I have been to Singapore on business several times for the German restaurant that I currently lord over in the kitchen.
  • I have finally seen the Hong Kong Skyline with my own eyes.
  • Have gained 58% fluency in the German language
  • Developed an awesome Excel Spreadsheet Solution for my Food Cost Monitoring
  • Bought and still ride an awesome motorcycle (and learned zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance)
  • Broke 100 followers in Instagram
  • Broke 300 followers on Twitter
  • Discovered new recipe sites, and followed writers that matter to me
  • I have lost interest in Pinterest
  • My photography skills have improved
  • I learned how to make bread
  • I am in control of my financials (or at least I know where my money is going)
  • I am more aware of those who want to be a professional cook over those who think the profession has a glamorous end
  • I've had minor surgery on my cheek to remove a cyst a few years back

So now I'm back. Let me know if you need me.