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What I feel like right now

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Those that deserve a swift kick in the butt

Thieving Philippine politicians
Crab mentalists
The pretentious
Social climbers
Celebrity columnists
Gold diggers
Gossip mongers
Reality TV
Bad cooks
Traffic cops who show up for work only on payday
Divas and not so divas
Big headed celebrities
... And anybody who gets in my way.

Another batch of Käsekuchen whipped up! #food #dessert #restaurantlife

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Can you see how dark that is? Back forest base... #food

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Schwarzwalder #food

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Back on course

I have to admit. I have not been able to write as often as of late. Not because I ran out of things to write about. Not because of the lack of interest. Not because I have distanced myself from the other food/chef/cook blogs that are pretentious, money grubbing, and basically considered hacks.

It is of a more important reason. I had to go back to basics. To the very reason why I logged in for the first time on this platform. To keep a log of what has been happening in and around me. Somewhere along the way my ship has veered off course, and I had to crawl through a black hole to see the true meaning of keeping a journal.

So here we begin anew.

Personal Chef Manila is not about being a personal chef in Manila. Not anymore.

It's a professional cook getting personal in Manila. In a good way. Because, quite frankly, doing the personal chef gig is not cost effective, and not the most efficient way to enjoy life. It is mostly reserved for those who are:

Jobless and can't work professionally for a reason or other;
Pretentious hacks who sell their soul for product endorsements;
Home cooks who enjoy a little income doing something they love; or
Have too much of their own time.

Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed cooking in other people's houses, events, parties. Some with extravagant kitchens, others with just the basic necessities. I once had to cook in a tiny apartment with nothing but two decrepit aluminum pans and an electric burner. The smiles that come to their faces when dinner is served. Or the unbuttoning of trousers from overindulgent eating. That's what kept me going. But only to so far.

I've had one dickhead who stiffed me after a job. Had to resort to thug tactics to collect.

From today, I will record everything that has touched my life. Every wind that move my sails. Every wave that sets me to true North. Life is a journey.

And I am the captain of my ship.Wish me 'Bon Voyage'!


In the morning...

Surely many of you men have felt this. Some often, some even more often. This post may read crass, but it does show what is under the sheets after sun up.

And since it's Monday, I figured I'd let you know this is a natural thing to get going.

I am just waiting for the weekend....

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It's the other riders that are a menace

Since riding my bike everyday to work now, I enjoy the freedom of commanding my own time and the slicing through the wind.
I do, however, come across some idiot who figured in a motorcycle accident once in awhile. Though it's customary to help fellow riders, in Manila I have restrained myself from getting off my bike when I see that accidents could have been prevented. So I feel no remorse or guilt when I see you:

With no side mirrors
Not wearing a helmet
Wearing flip flops on a powerful bike
Counter flowing
Riding drunk
Weaving at high speeds
Playing loud music
Not paying attention
Act like the other guy owes you
Are not afraid of other riders or drivers

If you are any of the above, I will run you down myself

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New toy

I recently got a new bike. Because I was tired from all the years taking public transportation. And in Manila that's saying a lot.
I wanted nothing too flashy. I didn't want it to be common either. Minimalist.
And then somebody offered this.
Open. Simple. And fun to ride.
And going from point A to point B has never been do exhilarating!
I now have more control of my time.
I don't have to brush up against sweaty bodies.
I don't have to squeeze into packed buses.
I feel the wind.
I feel free...

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Kill 'em all!

Happy new year!

And to help make that happen, I wish to see a seize and desist order on the following:

1. Cronuts - seriously over-hyped piece of pastry
2. Cupcakes - it's been on the menu for years. Its just a simple cake made fancy with different, and even ridiculous toppings. Charged at ludicrous prices
3. Kim Kardashian - woman has no talent whatsoever. Much like that floozy from Jersey
4. Reality TV shows - are our lives so mundane we have to live it through mindless challenges participated in by dim-witted individuals judged by so called experts?
5. Tablets - unless your a salesman, what good is it for?
6. 3D movies - it's a headache and a cheap attempt at holograms
7. Social climbers and the pretentious - self explanatory
8. Pretentious food nomenclature - like artisan, heirloom and, God forbid, molecular gastronomy
9. OMG - it grates in the ears when anyone shrieks this. Demonstrates the lack of articulation, and to an extent, intelligence
10. Trolls - anyone who deigns to think they can preach to us...vegetarians, new age self help experts, and, ugh, self-righteous politicians

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