Kudos to the artist, whoever you are. You are awesome.

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In the morning...

Surely many of you men have felt this. Some often, some even more often. This post may read crass, but it does show what is under the sheets after sun up.

And since it's Monday, I figured I'd let you know this is a natural thing to get going.

I am just waiting for the weekend....

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It's the other riders that are a menace

Since riding my bike everyday to work now, I enjoy the freedom of commanding my own time and the slicing through the wind.
I do, however, come across some idiot who figured in a motorcycle accident once in awhile. Though it's customary to help fellow riders, in Manila I have restrained myself from getting off my bike when I see that accidents could have been prevented. So I feel no remorse or guilt when I see you:

With no side mirrors
Not wearing a helmet
Wearing flip flops on a powerful bike
Counter flowing
Riding drunk
Weaving at high speeds
Playing loud music
Not paying attention
Act like the other guy owes you
Are not afraid of other riders or drivers

If you are any of the above, I will run you down myself

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