A letter to my favorite readers

Dear readers,

Thank you for keeping up to date on my adventures and recipes on this blog. I have enjoyed immensely your readership. An exhilarating ride for a newbie blogger, it was most rewarding.
Along the way, I have found some limitations on this blog, and would like to improve how I offer my writing to you. So, I am moving to new place.
I recently purchased my own domain. And gave it a totally different name, a different persona. One that reflects what I really am and the kind of cooking that I usually do in the kitchen.
Please follow me to the new blog site I promise it is a better portal for most everything you might need.
Again, thank you. And I hope to see you there.

Chef Ivan


Thoughts on a new blog title

I sit in front of my pc. Just one thought invades every nook and cranny of my brain. And it’s beginning to be bothersome. Only because I want to get better. Doesn’t everybody.

I am going to make a few changes to my blog. And one of those is the title. I have racked my brains for the last couple of weeks. And I came up with some: (too egotistic. Might as well be on facebook) (ha. But not professional) (taken) (taken) (taken. And it restricts the blog to just a few topics) (can’t tell if it’s catchy) (might think it’s all about cookies) (taken) (taken)

So, my train of thought has derailed. I need a new blog title. Something that easily rolls off the tongue. Something easy to type. What can I give you? I don’t know. Never did a contest. Don’t know what to give away. Apart from permanent credit to the creator of the title, I give my thanks. In advance.