Chesa Bianca Opening

Last Friday saw the reopening of the Swiss Restaurant on Yakal Avenue in Makati City. Avid foodies were there to have a taste of alpine cuisine, the way only Werdenberg knows. Journalists enjoyed the Swiss beer flowing, as well as the ever sumptuous fondue that was on hand.

It is really funny how you can tell when an expat just flew in...because of the tropical weather, they turn scarlet, even without the alcohol. Despite the humidity, everybody enjoyed the food and drink, the company and the gossips and assertions.

Carpaccio restaurant in turn took advantage of this influx, having full bookings the next day. FULL! As in there was even a waiting list. Rib eye Bisteccas sold like proverbial meat pancakes, with the savory mushroom sauce and rich saffron risotto. The Kitchen brigade were on top of everything, quick, no mistakes made.
So ifg ever you want to be away from the croded malls, the noisy corridors, and in for good food and wine from the southern regions of Europe, come over to Yakal! Valet Parking available!

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