The secret of life

There really is no secret. It is anything that makes up your existence, creates memories, and keeps the demons at bay.
Crunchy outside, fluffy inside pancakes
Good cup of coffee (preferably a cup of Illy)
The absence of cellphones among friends at the breakfast table
A crisp white shirt on blue jeans
Purring cat on the lap
A liter of ice cold coke on a hot day
A well seasoned iron skillet
Eight straight hours of sleep
The weekend market
Snail Mail from a long lost friend
Silence at sunset
Fresh batteries in the remote control
Top Chef DVD marathon with a doobie
Waking up late
Sleeping in early
A bottle of Mavro Daphne in the afternoon
Having mindless sex on a rainy afternoon
Skinny dipping at the beach
Disconnected from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. for one whole day
I pause, and think and ponder. What else makes life what it is. What can I remember to be a unique experience. Then I lay down, stare into the ceiling. And then dream.
Meeting old friends, making new ones
Blowing out birthday candles
Crying because you couldn't help it
Crying because you could
Falling in love
Falling out
A fluffy pillow
Real coke, real sugar, real butter
Being wide awake before sunrise
Laughing till it hurts
People watching, and making stories as they pass by
Recipes in metric measurements rather than empirical values
Flying in an airplane
Jump out of a plane or off a cliff
Playing hopscotch and hide n' seek with the kids
Driving a sailboat
Soft wet kisses
A good book and hot chocolate
Indifference to jealousies and negative feelings
Going to school
Getting out of school
A wallet full of money
Having something to write about
Having nothing to write about
Warm chocolate chip oatmeal cookies
A delicious home cooked meal
Parmiggiano reggiano
Enjoying what you eat. Eating what you enjoy
Chocolate balsamic vinegar
POPSwatch on your kitchen sleeve
Seared Foie Gras
Grandma's cooking
I am sure I missed something. What's the secret of your life?