Why Valentine’s day is…10 reasons

spooning Why celebrate it only one day (or evening) out of the year? Are we a victim of the tyranny of greeting card companies and smarmy commercials? Every fourteenth of February is when couples move heaven and earth to celebrate their love. Some reason it to be the result of past shortcomings. Others Just wanted to mark the day. But did you ever wonder there are more weddings in June than in the love month?

In any case, it is February that would bring in one of the highest revenues for restaurants, despite it having the fewest days in an accounting period. Two, even three seating reservations are planned to keep up with the demand. Candles, roses and slow music herald the day almost as kitschy as Christmas carols in mid-November. The best menus come out to act upon our libido with the addition of natural aphrodisiacs, colors and the obligatory bottle of wine. But what is it that drives the human being to dine at the best restaurants this time of year? Why do people like us in the restaurant industry look forward to this occasion both with dread and anticipation? Let me count the ways….

Because there is a history for Valentines – Steeped in tradition and legend, we honor the one we love, and to a certain extent, St. Valentine.
We can’t cook for crap – most diners, even though they call themselves foodies, could not even dream of turning out gustatory delights as those prepared by a professional cook. Plus they couldn’t be bothered to clean up the oven at home. It’s a good enough reason to indulge in some fine cuisine.
Most men are unimaginative -  Spontaneity is not the order of the day. Are there other days to have the same fervor or reason to break out the dancing shoes and brush up on some oenology? Or is it just being lazy? Or it’s the easiest way to portray sensitivity?
Sense of adventure – on the corollary, it is the season to have the courage to do something different with a loved one. If one has gotten past the asking-for-a-date hurdle.
Lack of independence – some have pretended to have a date just to avoid going out with single friends to celebrate being free of the ball and chain
A good reason to chuck the New year’s resolution – It only comes once a year, right? I can burn off that rich dark chocolate truffle, right?
Ads are persuasive – particularly condom ads in February leading up to the fourteenth, and pregnancy tests in March. ‘Are we good?’
”Everyday with you is a special day” – Men can not get away from that line
It’s a milestone – especially for young couples starting out. Especially if they just met during the magic of Christmas. Especially if she expects it
Men can’t win on Valentines – Because it’s a catch 22. It’s the reasons behind it that boggles the mind. And add insult to Injury, Valentine’s 2011 means men will miss Monday night football

If you Google it, there are more ‘reasons to hate Valentine’s day’ than to celebrate it. Why is that?

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