Green mango in this heat?

I really can not stand the heat. I can bear the heat of the kitchen. But not the heat that summer brings. Especially this summer. It is so bad that there are many hours when it is too hot to move.

I tried many things to cool down. A few cold showers a day. Drinking lots of cold water. Even just spending hours in the mall. But it can only go so far. And you can’t get naked in a mall. My pee is bright yellow. Dehydration. Air-conditioning is a big drain on the electricity bill, and it really isn’t good for the environment.

It is now reported to be 39 degrees centigrade. Incredible. And 60% humidity is not helping. It just makes the heat fell more like a pin prick on every pore of the body.

I made a batch of green mango ice cream, since it is this time of year when green mangos are falling off the trees like hail stones.

So I made this simple recipe for the sake of cooling down. It’s easy, fast and a good way to take the edge off the heat even just for a few minutes. So here goes




Green Mango Ice Cream

1 green mango, peeled
300 ml condensed milk
600 ml whipping cream
60 gr white sugar
2 gr salt

  1. In a food processor or blender, pour in the the condensed milk and the chopped flesh of the green mango. Process for about a minute until smooth. Add in the salt and pulse for a few times
  2. In a bowl, whip the refrigerated cream with sugar until soft peaks form
  3. Fold green mango puree into the whipped cream until just blended
  4. Transfer to a ice cream container and place in freezer for two hours
  5. Take out of the freezer and whip with a spoon just to break up any ice crystals
  6. Serve very cold

How do you chill out? Please tell me. I’m dying here

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