A 15 year-old list to myself


When I do get Doc’s deLorean, I will send the following list to my younger, idiot self:

  1. Squirrel away as much as you can
  2. Do not confuse love with infatuation or lust
  3. Do not attract attention to yourself
  4. Use the power of positive thinking
  5. Lose the inhibitions, but be cautious
  6. Leave company when advancement is via seniority, not merit
  7. Avoid female bosses
  8. Learn to control your temper
  9. There are better people than you who have done worse
  10. Buy into Google and Microsoft
  11. Textbook cooking is not the same as real cooking
  12. Do not leave the Peninsula hotel. Go wherever Chef Gundlach takes you
  13. People who look for the limelight are the ones who are pretentiuous
  14. Believe in the phrase ‘Birds of a feather…’
  15. Keep to your mind map
  16. Learn how to read people
  17. Stay in the shadows, find the the opportune time to strike
  18. ‘When in doubt, throw it out’ applies to everything
  19. Peer pressure is as lame as the word ‘impossible’
  20. Choose your trysts, you may regret it down the road
  21. Having the latest and the greatest isn’t always the best
  22. Don’t lose sight of serendipity
  23. Your choices are what define you, not what you do
  24. Do not let anyone cut you down
  25. Start networking…a lot
  26. Assets are liabilities. Make them into generators of your future
  27. Save enough for even just one real estate property, and buy it
  28. Gratification is a luxury. Attaining it is the adventure
  29. Politicians are crooked
  30. Policemen are crooked
  31. Government employees are crooked
  32. People will never pay attention to you unless you could do something for them
  33. Do not ever hope for a career in showbiz
  34. Keep a notebook of all your own recipes
  35. Live life

This is not an existential list. It sits on my desktop until I can print it out to give it to Doc and Marty

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