13 going on 2013

So it's the new year. And instead of resolutions, these are what you should be doing the moment the clock strikes midnight:
1. Be thankful for another year of adventures
2. Skip the usual resolutions. Just make this year better
3. Connect more in real life, than online
4. Try something new for 30 days
5. It takes 6 months to learn anything. Try French
6. It's not what you do that defines you. It's the choices you make along the way
7. Take pictures of what you made, not of what you are about to eat
8. Shop for Christmas throughout the year
9. Manage your money with YNAB (Google it)
10. Get yourself lost the moment you step foot into a new city
11. Believe in serendipity, soul mates and Santa Claus
12. Look at the world through the eyes of an 8 year old
13. Place this number on your next lottery ticket

Happy new year! Leave here how you can make 2013...

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