Kill 'em all!

Happy new year!

And to help make that happen, I wish to see a seize and desist order on the following:

1. Cronuts - seriously over-hyped piece of pastry
2. Cupcakes - it's been on the menu for years. Its just a simple cake made fancy with different, and even ridiculous toppings. Charged at ludicrous prices
3. Kim Kardashian - woman has no talent whatsoever. Much like that floozy from Jersey
4. Reality TV shows - are our lives so mundane we have to live it through mindless challenges participated in by dim-witted individuals judged by so called experts?
5. Tablets - unless your a salesman, what good is it for?
6. 3D movies - it's a headache and a cheap attempt at holograms
7. Social climbers and the pretentious - self explanatory
8. Pretentious food nomenclature - like artisan, heirloom and, God forbid, molecular gastronomy
9. OMG - it grates in the ears when anyone shrieks this. Demonstrates the lack of articulation, and to an extent, intelligence
10. Trolls - anyone who deigns to think they can preach to us...vegetarians, new age self help experts, and, ugh, self-righteous politicians

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