Back on course

I have to admit. I have not been able to write as often as of late. Not because I ran out of things to write about. Not because of the lack of interest. Not because I have distanced myself from the other food/chef/cook blogs that are pretentious, money grubbing, and basically considered hacks.

It is of a more important reason. I had to go back to basics. To the very reason why I logged in for the first time on this platform. To keep a log of what has been happening in and around me. Somewhere along the way my ship has veered off course, and I had to crawl through a black hole to see the true meaning of keeping a journal.

So here we begin anew.

Personal Chef Manila is not about being a personal chef in Manila. Not anymore.

It's a professional cook getting personal in Manila. In a good way. Because, quite frankly, doing the personal chef gig is not cost effective, and not the most efficient way to enjoy life. It is mostly reserved for those who are:

Jobless and can't work professionally for a reason or other;
Pretentious hacks who sell their soul for product endorsements;
Home cooks who enjoy a little income doing something they love; or
Have too much of their own time.

Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed cooking in other people's houses, events, parties. Some with extravagant kitchens, others with just the basic necessities. I once had to cook in a tiny apartment with nothing but two decrepit aluminum pans and an electric burner. The smiles that come to their faces when dinner is served. Or the unbuttoning of trousers from overindulgent eating. That's what kept me going. But only to so far.

I've had one dickhead who stiffed me after a job. Had to resort to thug tactics to collect.

From today, I will record everything that has touched my life. Every wind that move my sails. Every wave that sets me to true North. Life is a journey.

And I am the captain of my ship.Wish me 'Bon Voyage'!

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