Why motorcycle drivers are Hell's angels

Motorcycle riding is a fun, convenient mode of transportation. But we riders get a bad rap for several reasons. Many of which are due to our fellow riders. I point at the individuals who do the following :

Weaving a rug through traffic - the kind who go through every conceivable nook and cranny between curbs, gutters and other vehicles.
No side mirrors - it doesn't look cool. It's actually stupid. Side mirrors are the for protection
Motorcycles are driven like bicycles - yes. Any doofus who think he can ride a bicycle believes he can strap on an engine between his loins and drive. Physics are different on a two wheeled vehicle.
Lack of protective gear - riding a motorcycle does give you a sense of freedom and, to some extent, independence. But it doesn't shield you from injuries. Exposed to the elements, your body protrudes at angles that begs protection. Your head for example.
Loud mufflers - why would anyone want to sound like a tug boat on steroids? It's obnoxious. It's noise pollution.
No use of signal lights - many car drivers don't use their indicator lights. Riders even more so. Because they think they're too good for it.

It grinds my gears that there are many riders that give a bad name to responsible motorcycle driving. Above are the worst offenses.

If I missed anything, let me know in the comments.

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