Kitchen Shoes

Working in a huge kitchen for long hours takes its toll on your feet. Slippery floors, uneven surfaces, all that gunk lying around, sauces that have carpeted the tiles. Spills are common, as well as utensils and pans that seem to love the floor. In the heat, where airconditioning is not a standard in most kitchens, adds to the searing kitchen hell.
Appropriate footwear is necessary when navigating between stations and the occasional trip to the walk in fridge. Along the way various obstacles such as mentioned above make treading a challenge, especially if you find yourself just wearing normal sport shoes to work.
My first kitchen clogs were made in Switzerland, being a standard issue over there. It had a wooden base, rubber sole, and leather perforated top sole. Eventually the rubber wears out, so I ended up after a few months clicking around the kitchen.
The next pair of shoes I had were safety shoes, made for construction and heavy work. It was black patent leather with a steel toe. My foot was enclosed like a normal shoe, so foot breathing was difficult.
Recently i had the priveledge of walking good shoes created by Crocs. You know, the company that made the ones that are butt ugly. they have shoes dedicated to work, specifically for kitchen professionals. Well, here is my take on it.
Its comfortable, but not that I would want to lounge around in. I got the Black Crocs Bistro, a pair of shoes dedicated to the professional cook. It has an enclosed design, with thick material for added protection and an enclosed heel that fits most workplace standards. According to the packaging, it is odor and bacteria resistant and has enhanced arch support.
What really is super about this shoe is the oil and water resistant crocs lock tread, a matrix of triangles that covers 98% of the sole. I have tested it on the kitchen floor for a few days, and it does not slip. Really. no matter how greasy or wet the floor is, it keeps me in place. the downside to this mesh is that all the gunk gets in between the spaces. After a whole day, you have to run your knife through the grooves to get all food out.
It's a good buy. The shoes allows you to be maneuverable, and it helps your feet to breath so not harbor any unnecessary odor while you work. I would recommend this shoe. Crocs also has the Crocs bistro in a model endorsed by Mario Batalli, with his signature embossed on the heel strap. But like Mario Batalli, his showmanship reflects in the bright orange color it comes in.
Whatever you take on it, the shoes that I have are okay. The nice thing about these shoes they do not scream "Crocs". Its subtle, and looks good with a kitchen uniform.

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