This morning I found out that our F&B coordinator does not tell the kitchen everything, yet she tells her counterpart even the marathon of cockroaches in our storeroom. No use asking why she does so, because she is like everyone else who are on the status quo program.
Vegetables from our corporate supplier arrived about 4 hours late, so most of the items on the menu had to be 86ed up to the last minute. Upon arrival, all requisitions were processed immediately. The Store room is not yet fully computerized, but our stock clerk is busy hacking away at Inflow Inventory that was installed on her computer.
Happily were are getting some recording done.
One function scheduled for today, and it is for the Utopia Golf Tournament. We had to double our offerings at the Tee Houses so the golfers would not go hungry. Not that I think the sport is strenuous enough for you to grab a big mac after. But the following Menu is currently being prepared:
Bulalo Soup
Gulay Probinsya with Balayan Bagoong
Kare kare
Inihaw na Bangus
Inihaw na Liempo
Halo Halo Bar

Of course, these are for the golfers who apparently requested this kind of menu because it was cheap. We would only be making about P40,000 for this menu.

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