Another party catered by COOKIES

Just finished cooking for a small gathering in one of the apartments in The South Of Market Private residences. Being that it was booked only 24 hours before, it was a madhouse getting the menu and shopping list together. Least of all the payment for the services, since it was way past the hour of the last banking day of the week.

Anyway, the following was the menu:

Tuna tartar salad with poached egg and avocado mayonnaise dressing
Pork Loin with sautéed shiitake mushrooms and fried yam balls
Bread pudding infused with lemongrass

The place had a really nice kitchen, but since it was a housewarming party, the equipment was blessed with my culinary hands. The client is also a chef, but did not have the time to put things together for this particular occasion. His testimony on my service is still pending. My evidence of satisfaction? Licked clean plates. As in LICKED CLEAN.

After service I cleaned up all that I messed up, tried putting back the pots pans and dinnerware in the new kitchen cabinets. I think I organized it for this bachelor well enough.

I hope he leaves me a testimony of a positive nature. Word-of-mouth is a great weapon. Will my latest client use it? Time and phone calls will tell.

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ED said...

Chef Ivan is a chef that I only have praises for. With very short notice he came up with a menu that gave me and my friends (including those a day late a dinner truly worth it)

He worked with ease in a kitchen that has not even been broken in so to speak.. Licked clean each plate was the Porkloin was great.. every dish from start to finish.

If people understood what service was and going the extra mile and beyond Chef Ivan Maminta exhibits this in his service

This person has a long way to go.. My apologies Ivan this testimony is long overdue.. also thank you very much for overextending yourself. I wish you and your daughter all the best.