My mentor

I was watching Jamie at Home on Discovery Travel and it is really inspiring how his dishes are so natural, so simple, so direct. It's a wonder how the general population could not have had their grubby hands on his cooking. This is so far removed from Top Chef, as everything has no pretensions, no hype. With command of fresh herbs, his own garden, ingredients that are top quality. And mind you, he does not need to endorse anything. He is his own god, or at least mine. Jamie Oliver continues to inspire me in my cooking, unfortunately lately I have not been doing much of that lately. But my Scribe is filling up slowly with his inspirations. As with all aspiring chefs, one has to have a mentor, and Jamie is one that I would not mind working for as long as I live. He made a wonderful salad with roast peaches and parma ham and fresh greens from his own garden, dressed in something as simple as a lemon and EVO mixture. Lovely.
My cooking will definitely jump off the springboard because of his straightforwardness, his honesty in cooking. Where can I get the application form to get into Fifteen?

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