Pancake day

The other day was pancake day, and Maxine always looks forward to it. After raiding the fridge, we found out we were out of pancake syrup. And the stores were still closed at this early hour. So we had to do something.
Putting our heads together, and some essential ingredients, we managed to create a decent bottle of cinnamon pancake syrup.
Bring to boil equal parts of white sugar and water. Reduce heat and then let simmer for about 15 minutes, or until the sugar starts caramelizing. We let it caramelize until it got to a deep honey color, then added half a teaspoon of ground cinnamon and a teaspoon of vanilla extract. We let it simmer for another 10 minutes to infuse the spice. Then let it cool.
The syrup came out the right consistency, and it was well enjoyed with the pancakes. I could imagine the variety of spices and flavors I could create with this syrup. Banana. Apple. Chili. Peach. Apricot...the possibilities are virtually endless! Do you have a good pancake syrup recipe? Share it with the world!

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