Ask me this before Valentine's

Hiring a personal chef is not restricted to the cream of the crop, the elite, the moneyed, and celebrities. As many personal chefs can validate, even us common folk down in the trenches can avail of such services because of the convenience, the necessitiy, and the prestige with having a professional chef cook for you for a change. And Valentine's is fast approaching. I have had inquiries on cooking up the perfect evening for couples for the past few weeks. Some are just curious, some are fastidious with details, others want it to be special. I love cooking for these kinds of clients, because it is one occassion out of the year that they can celebrate love in addition to the prerquisite flowers and a box of chocolates. Here are the top reasons why a personal chef would complete a couple's perfect evening:

Menus are customized - each dish is selected specific to the clients' preferences and indulgences. Not mass produced, but given that extra touch of exclusivity. Professionally done, the menus can be great contribution to a memorable evening.

Less stress - reservations at top restaurants can be a hairy ordeal around Valentine's. Some of which you have to book in advance. And when you get to the table, the waiter keeps hovering around, waiting for the opportunity to turn the tables. Are we being hurried? A personal chef also can do all the shopping, preparation and clean up, giving the client a lot of quality time.

Privacy - No more rubbing elbows with other diners in a noisy restaurant. Sweet nothings can be whispered over the table without having to worry about being overheard, naughty or not. Done in the clients' own home, it can be very exclusive, encouraging clients to be in their own world. The chef works in the background. The only evidence of his presence is the succulent oyster rockefeller teasing from the plate.

Gourmet cooking, gourmet tastes - a professionally prepared menu brings the highest level of dining the privacy of the clients' homes. Fresh high quality ingredients, expertly prepared, the aroma made to permeate throughout the kitchen.

The service is wallet-friendly - Much more affordable than eating out. Not necessarily a cheap alternative, but the client gets a more personalized service, customized menus, and a memorable experience. Gas money is saved. Parking and valet fees are non-existent. Tips are optional (hehehehe)



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