Valentine's day approaching...

This morning as the sun came up I reflected on the first week of 2010. It is during these moments that images, memories and dejavus are most vivid. The past has come around during this reminiscing, and it is really intriguing that Valentin'e day is just arounf the corner. As a personal chef, I have had the privilege to see couples in varying stages of love and total abandonment. Such is infatuation, love, affection, the kind of stuff that inspires, induces uncontrollable giggles, warm hugs and kisses.

So for this specific reason, I wrote up a menu that most couples would enjoy. In other words, I have decided to offer my services as a personal chef to the lovelorn, to the couples, to the people who value each other. It would be a great event to have to nuzzle into each other in the privacy of their own homes instead of wrestling for a reservation at a busy restaurant or hotel. Quiet. Secluded. Private. Personal. And me me silently in the background nudging the magic along as the evening progresses.

Perhaps in one of those evenings I would lay witness to a rare proposal, or the unique declaration of love. Sigh.

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