Cook's advice

These are for all those cooks who are just getting into the real world. These are for cooks who just graduated from culinary school and hurrying to be called chefs.
Respect those who came before you
Trust that the system works
Those who can't, usually teach
The kitchen is the most brutal place in the restaurant
You will be overworked and underpaid
Glamour is not part of the equation
Be part of the team
Loners do not last in the kitchen
That stockpot with with the simmering goo has your name on it
Be always ready with a small notepad and pen. ALWAYS.
You will be screamed at. Count on it
Start at the bottom
The grease trap will be your best friend for a few months
Get comfortable shoes.
Get ready to lose weight. A lot of it
Ditch the significant other. The hours will ruin your relationship. Especially if he or she is not in the same industry
Take care of your knife. You only need one.
Read and read some more
Concentrate on each cooking procedure, no matter how insignificant
Work clean
Put in the time
Put in the sweat,blood and tears. There will be a lot of it.
Be creative on your own time
Be OC on your mise en place
Do not steal
Leave your hangups at home
Lose your inhibitions
Taste everything
Smell everything
Feel everything
Watch other cooks from the corner of your eye
Keep busy. No excuse to be standing on one leg.
Be mindful of everything around you
Show up early. Not on time.
Leave when when the chef tells you to leave
Wear boxers
Take a bath everyday
Don't mouth off
Don't show off
Your knowledge is limited and considered moot compared to the real world
Admit that the culinary school did not teach you everything
The kitchen is not democratic
Keep your tools within reach
Keep your ingredients within reach
Know the difference in textures
Kiss your holidays and weekends goodbye
Keep a culinary bible on hand
Strengthen your foundations in French cooking
You are not the center of the universe
Don't get into this profession for the glamour
Keep an open mind
Be flexible
Be tenacious
Be adamant
Do not be bothered when somebody calls you a lousy cook
Learn from your mistakes
Tomorrow is another day

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