The Cooking Playlist

I love listening to music when banging around with pots and pans. I achieve a kind of zen, a kind of rhythm when putting together ingredients. Every beat, every tone contributes to the cooking, which translates my mood.
Classical music? French cooking with a lot of butter will grace my pans. Rap music will force me to do short cuts. Dance music will make me miss the timer. Preparing for a romantic dinner? For sure Barry White will be crooning from the speakers.
They say music heals the soul. You can rise up from the ashes with upbeat tunes, or you can wallow in misery with depressing sounds. Get inspired. Get with it.
Before I pick up my knife, I pop on my Media player with a few playlists, depending on my mood. There is a set of 'Jazzy Upbeat'; Pick me ups in 'Good Morning'; When I am feeling surly, 'Moody' gets top billing; After a hard day's work, I kickback with a glass of wine and listen to the 'Chillout' playlist. But my favorite is 'Feel Good', because this is what gets me going. This is what brings out the magic, the inspiration. The songs in the playlist have been collected over the years through various avenues. CDs collected. MP3s exchanged, downloaded, ripped and copied. I have listed these songs in no particular order, since they are set on shuffle.
Day dreaming - Massive Attack
The Secret of Life - Faith Hill
You Learn - Alanis Morisette
Spice up your life - The Spice Girls
Freedom - George Michael
Candy - Mandy Moore
Secret - Orchestral Manoevers in the Dark
Cantaloop - US3
History Repeating - Shirley Bassey with Propellerheads
Hey Eugene - Pink Martini
Numb - U2
Big Time Sensuality - Bjork
Human Behaviour - Bjork
Bust a Move - Young MC
Roam - The B52s
Fooled by a smile - Swing Out Sister
Wink and a smile - Harry Connick Jr.
Breakfast at Tiffany's - Deep Blue Something
Who Knew - Pink
Missing - Everything But the Girl
Church of the poison mind - Culture Club
Thank you - Dido
Moving on up - M People
Push it - Garbage
Serenata Rap - Jovanotti
Never gonna give you up - Lisa Stansfield
Grits Aint Groceries - The Commitments
Dyslexic Heart - Paul Westerberg
There is something about you - Level 42
Ainsi Soit Elle - Cristophe Miossec
How Gee - Black Machine
Are you going my way - Lenny Kravitz
I know it's eclectic. but it is a rhythm that works for me. What is on your playlist?

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