Just one new year's resolution for you and me

Just one to end the year. Just one to begin the new. I will not preach or be pretentious enough to write out my new year's resolution. 99.9% don't really care about what other people's resolutions are, no matter how sane it is. New year's resolutions are lists that add burden to our already overloaded lives. We move into the new year every year, with basically the same list. Well, at least for most of us. 
I will tell you instead to do something different when the clock strikes twelve. To the second. I will tell you one thing, just one thing. It's not a self-help thing. No. I am not going into that angle. There are too many books on the subject. I will tell you this one thing. Because It was what steered me into a different direction, or brought me back on track depending on how you look at it.
Be inspired.
Because it is what drives us. 
Not what other people say.
Not what other people think.
Not the social standards, not the social networks.
You owe it to yourself to do what you are good at. And it is here where the ridiculously overused term 'passion' comes in.
Be inspired with the world.
Bust the myths. Think like House MD
Have you ever noticed how the fountain at the park works?
Did you ever wonder why we go from point A to point B only to come back?
Inspiration can be found in many things in many actions in many people. Perhaps a guide on where to find inspiration will help. And it is triggered mostly by what killed the cat: curiosity.
Listen how Santana plays the guitar chords in the song with Rob Thomas 'Smooth'. Listen to the twang. Listen to the scales. It is a deliberate play on melody. Not random. 
Being inspired leads you to do things you would have otherwise considered not worth the trouble. 
Next time you take the bus, be inspired with what the  bus driver goes through everyday. The traffic. The cops. The abusive passengers. The income. The hours on the road. Be inspired with the reason why goes through that everyday. For his family.
Be inspired with the rising of the perfect souffle. The technique that was discovered and maintained for a hundred years. Eat. Dine.
Paint a picture. Capture the moment. Create a conversation amongst perfect strangers. You might learn something. Engage in foodporn.
Read a good book. Not because everybody says it's good. But because you discovered it to be good.
Ask why. Be introspective if you have to, but remain curious. 
Lose the inhibitions. Just do it.
Kicking a habit? Getting over a bad relationship? Holding a grudge? Negative thoughts. Look for the positive. Dwelling in misery is like worrying: It gives you something to do while waiting to go nowhere.
I read somewhere about an idea that there is a space between stimulus and reaction. And it is in this space that allows us to choose how to react. Along the same line, it is with our choices that define who we are. And, in one way or another we are already perfect.
Be inspired. By beauty. By the high heels on perfect feet that walks by. By the hunk that did not turn out to be gay. Applaud instead of dog-whistle as they pass by while you people-watch.Go for the Kodak moment. Act upon the smell of a bakery. Lose yourself in lavender scented bubblebath.
Be inspired by the simple pleasures. Such as the perfect cappuccino. The rich prawn bisque. the juicy rib-eye steak. Chilled wine. A walk in the park without the ipod. Playing with the kids. Listen to their giggles. Why they giggle.
Be inspired.
Be curious.
Choose to be.
Have a blessed new year!

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