Top 10 Holiday Cookie Recipes

It is time. The tree is up. The lights are blinking. Almost all the gifts are wrapped. Santa is finishing up his list. Plans are made to bring the family together. One of the most enjoyable moments of Christmas is spending it with the little ones who still hold the magic in their eyes. What better way to spend quality time than making cookies for the yuletide season, to leave something for Santa by the tree with a glass of warm milk.The following are the top 10 Christmas cookie recipes that would have your little precious giggling with joy...
Raspberry Ribbons - Yummy cookies with raspberry jam. Have fun shaping them into ribbons
White chocolate holiday cookies - a variation of the ginger bread, made rich with luscious white chocolate
Vanille Hoernchen - German Christmas cookies made with almonds
Peppermint patties - Now who would not love to this during the holidays? Very easy recipe, with pictures to illustrate the process
Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies - flavorful and chewy, licking the bowl after would be hard to do
Eggnog Snowflake Cookies - A traditional recipe from Austria, it will be fun to cut the snowflake patterns out!
Zimsterne - Cinnamon stars based on a traditional German recipe
Caramel Turtle Brownies - An easy recipe that yields 'moist and fantastic' cookies. Did you know that a brownie is classified as a cookie?
Cranberry Dark Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies - The best recipes for these two holiday ingredient staples. What can go wrong?
Gingerbread Cookies - It would be great of Gingy can help us out with this. A real treat in cutting out the shapes. Let your imagination go wild!
What would be your own favorite recipe? What can you share with the world beside joy?. Leave a comment, or post up your recipe. 

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