What if…

kitchen Life moves forward, change being the only constant. Where would we be other than from where we have been? Each sunrise should mark a new step in the right direction. As if we were propelled to strive to be better, to go farther, to take the bull by the horns and all those new age crap that pervade us each and every morning when we spread open the broadsheet and humor ourselves on the comics section, eventually ending up on what does our birth sign say now.

It is Saturday morning, and after a week of more than usual activity in the kitchen, peace has allowed me to write and reflect on what creeps up on us once in a while when we find ourselves alone. You may be sipping your coffee, or massaging the LV bags under your eyes after a long night, or just sitting still watching the cat gazing into space. When your mind stops wandering, and starts wondering, what if…

…the mobile phone was never invented – half the time the little gadget is acting like a leash, keeping us connected, wagging our tails the moment it beckons. Although today smartphones have proved invaluable, some of us wonder how we survived without it in the first place. But we did. The powers that be survived without it.
…one became a doctor, instead of a professional cook – I would be charging astronomical fees for consultation and procedures. I would be paying off the loan for medical school. By my age today I would strutting around in a lab coat or scrubs, pulling 48 hours of duty in the emergency ward. I would also be surrounded by sick and dying people.
…I wrote a cookbook – one that would change the way the world cooks. Julia Child made that remarkable milestone. Then just recently the ground breaking ‘Modernist Cuisine’ (which is on my ‘must have’ wish list) is making amuse-douche (pretentious chefs) cringe and the foodie population shiver in anticipation. I would write a cookbook that would do just a bit more than that. Not for self glorification, but to change the world. What if we did hunker down and typed out that novel that has been festering in the back of our minds?
…Zuckerburg was beaten up by the twins – maiming him in the process? Facebook as we know it exists in two very distinct forms, depending on which part of the fence you are looking into. One as an essential tool that you have full control of, that actually gives you the results you need, when you need it. On the other side of the tarnished coin, FB exists to rule your life. Like everything about your life is dictated by Facebook. Would life have been simpler without Facebook?
…Gottlieb Daimler came across a concept for solar powered energy - instead of the internal combustion engine. Would we have the energy problems we are currently experiencing now? Would the oil countries be as powerful? Would war and senseless killing be averted?
…among the millions who were killed in the 20th century, one turned out to be the genius that had the cure for cancer or AIDS? – Medicine as we know it can can take care of most fatal diseases. A controversial argument is saying that cures, especially for the ailments that have plagued society and decimated millions, are being suppressed by money hungry pharmaceutical companies. On the other hand, had a cure been discovered, would it not be pleasant that it be introduced to the world just for the sake of the Hippocratic oath, and not for economics?
…free energy was actually ‘free’ – the Philippines was recently rated as the country with electricity rates higher than that of Japan, considering Japan has a much, much higher cost of living. Why is that? Is electricity that expensive? Does it really cost that much to power a home? Or there too many hands in the pot along the way?

I don’t know. I am just rambling. The Saturday morning has progressed into lunch service. I do know either if I should act on these ruminations. Like all points to ponder, crossing the line to make something out of it is just another step forward into one direction. At least it’s a step.

The summer season will be here soon. And soon it will be too hot to move. We are in the midst of preparing meez for lunch and dinner and for tomorrow’s brunch buffet. We will be making shrimp bisque, a rich soup that is a meal in itself. It was never before served in this restaurant, but like the logic of moving forward, there is a first time for everything.

What do you think of when you are alone?

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