I have a very soft spot for anything chocolate. In another life, I would have enjoyed chili with chocolate, or ended up as a successful pastry chef. I have not had the opportunity, however. Like most cooks in the hot kitchen, bakery is our Achilles Heel, the one thing that we could not even begin to imagine the precision of the recipes and execution. We do have basic recipes, though. And these recipes come  by once in a while, something so great, something so different, you just can’t let it go. Even rare the proofed recipe. Baking is an exact science, ironically since there are millions of variations to the recipe that follows. I found this recipe at a point when I just felt like nibbling.

if you have the inclination to indulge, forget new year’s resolutions, please have a go at this. I did, and it was snapped up while warm, from the hungry sleep deprived kitchen crew, to the board members of IBM that needed something other than the mass produced bagels, waffles cookies and pastries from the nearby coffee shops. This recipe serves as a guide. Put your heart into it as I did. And like all things that have worth, take your time. Feel every step and put some spirit into it. Only then can you call it the PERFECT BROWNIE.

250g unsalted butter
200g dark chocolate bar
80g Hershey’s cocoa powder
85g all purpose flour
1 tsp baking powder
360g brown sugar
4 eggs, beaten
Zest or orange

Preheat oven to 180C/350F
Pop in some Bob Marley and raise the volume to just audible.
Line baking tray with butter and grease-proof paper. Smooth out wrinkles with your hands feeling the surface and every corner, taking in the smell from the butter is melting slowly with your fingers.
Over a double boiler, melt butter and chocolate. Stir until smooth. Take your time. Watch how the chocolate crawls down the sides. Be mindful of the patters of dark brown and yellow.
In a separate bowl, sift together cocoa, flour, baking powder and sugar. It should form a fluffy mound in the center of the bowl
Remove chocolate from heat and gradually add the sifted dry ingredients.
Stir with a wooden spatula for about 1-2 minutes
Add the eggs and mix until smooth
Pour batter into prepared baking tray. Tap the sides lightly to let loose any air bubbles and to level
Bake 25 minutes
Transfer to a cooling rack and allow the residual heat to slowly cook interior and dissipate
When it has reach room temperature, transfer to an airtight container and refrigerate overnight
On the morning after, bite into the soft chewy inside of the brownie, and then tell me…what do you feel?

Post pictures please

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