Summer cooler: Refreshing Lemon Sorbet

So we have a function that required a palate cleanser. Naturally, lemon sorbet came to mind. Try as we might, for convenience sake, we scoured most of the supermarkets and gourmet shops, and nobody seems to have it on stock. So with a little research and some testing, a recipe was developed for the crisp taste of semi frozen sorbet. great for in between courses, the sorbet can also be a great way to cool down during the hot summer months.
The following recipe was quite simple. Only we had to do it without an ice cream machine. With a little effort and a whole lot of love, it can produce one of the lightest most refreshing sorbet anyone can make at home.
It is important that you use fresh lemons. Try and find lemons that are uneven as they guarantee they are not the waxy type. Roll it whole with the base of the palm to loosen the pulp before juicing. I recommend a Microplane to get the zest. The tool can neatly get fine shavings of the peel without getting the bitter rind, as that would be bad news for what you are about to create.

Bohemian Lemon Sorbet

Serves 6

Grated zest of one whole lemon
235 ml water
100 g sugar
120 ml lemon juice
1 egg white
120 ml carbonated mineral water
Candied lemon for garnish

  1. In a sauce pan, stir together lemon zest, water and sugar
  2. Bring to boil, then lower heat to simmer 5 minutes
  3. Remove from heat and let cool completely
  4. Whisk egg white until stiff
  5. Incorporate into lemon syrup
  6. Stir in lemon juice and carbonated water
  7. Place in a tall canister and place in freezer for about 90 minutes
  8. With a stiff wire whisk, break up ice crystals and beat to distribute evenly. Place it back in the freezer
  9. Break up ice crystals every two hours. The more the sorbet is beaten, the lighter and fluffier it gets

A stiff wire whisk makes breaking ice crystals easy. So get one that does not flex so easily. I used a mayonnaise plastic jar as a canister as it is easier to store and cover. Aluminum canisters tend to react with the lemon’s acid giving it a very faint grey tinge.
As compared to a granita, which is a frozen dessert, sorbets have egg whites to give it a softer texture. And since the beating incorporates air, the volume increases the velvet smoothness.
Let me know how yours turns out. Any suggestions to improve the recipe are welcome. Just post it up in the comments section.

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