The things that annoy us

image Or to put it bluntly, what pisses the hell out of hospitality professionals

  1. Announcing they’re bloggers or critics the moment they get in the door. Especially when don’t know jack-shit and act all Amuse-Douche like.
  2. Attention grabbing fake allergies. One customer came in and said they were allergic to garlic. I say ‘then don’t go to an Italian restaurant’
  3. Nursing their solitary beer or cup of joe for hours on end, mooching off the free wifi
  4. Getting boisterously drunk
  5. Treats waiters like 3rd class citizens, acting like they are about to be married to Prince William
  6. Splitting a bowl of soup, salad or sandwich for two
  7. In Manila, it’s the bodyguards they bring. Occupying other tables and not ordering anything
  8. Asks for non fat, decaf, artificially sweetened cappuccino to go with her slice of Black Forest cake
  9. Asks to speak to the chef in the midst of dinner service. On a Friday night. When the kitchen is deep in the weeds
  10. Showing up 30 minutes late for a reservation. On a Friday night. Expecting a table ready
  11. Leaving their valuables such as a DSLR camera displayed on the table, then blames the wait staff when it gets nicked
  12. Utters the words “Do you know who I am?!”. Obviously not, buddy. You are given the same VIP treatment as everybody else
  13. Finishing two thirds of the meal before complaining, then wanting it written off the check.


chingoy, the great chef wannabe said...

Just the other day at Gateway, we dined in one "fine BURGER resto", we ordered their pica pica sample (I forgot the name), and their seafood jambalaya... We're just starting our jambalaya when lo and behold!--- a maggot!

As usual, the manager was apologetic... We didn't pay. They served free dessert too.

I would have taken pictures of the alive and feisty maggot, but, since I was only invited to partake of the lunch, I was just very cordial... :p

Ivan Maminta said...'re annoyed at what the restaurant did. But what annoys the restaurant?