And life continues…so will this blog

My neck hurts. My eyes are strained. And I don’t feel like climbing Mount Everest today. Sorry. I know I have not been able to write sooner. A lot of things have happened since the last post. Most of it were good. Busy productive days, really. Made a few bucks on the side. Have been more than liquid. And the budget software YNAB has been a great help. My ends are not only meeting, but there are going to bed often and having glorious financial sex.

Some of them were bad. A few days I went through the grinder and was about to lose my job due to a steep learning curve and a less than stellar superior. Been in arguments that are both unreasonable and insane. I told an egotistical cook to suck my dick because the title of ‘chef’ does not belong to him since he could not even make pasta al dente.

I wake up before dawn to get my kid  ready for school, even after a heavy night at the restaurant. And since the house help has raised her ugly head as another thief, our lives have been a little harder to cope with. But me and my family manage.

I am thankful for everything lately. It’s hard not to be. Contentment really is a sign of happiness.

A few months ago I was about to fall into a deep hole again due to unforeseen circumstances. But I recovered. And I can see my family will have a good Christmas.

I am growing my hair out again. I just felt luckier with long hair. You? How have you been the past few months? As my Maxine asks me every night, ‘Tell me a story…’

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