Eat Eastern Ho

It really is a sorry state of affairs if a hotel can't keep up appearances. Some hotels hide it so well you wouldn't know that they are close to filing Chapter 11. Other less fortunate operators have to go through the fiscal year with properties so dilapidated that customers have to think thrice before booking.

And then there are the ones who don't care. I have observed one such hotel in the last two months because my projects have brought me within striking vicinity. The Great Eastern Hotel along Makati Avenue used to be a very good mid-scale hotel. One of my favorite places to eat steak when I was a lot younger.

But it has run down lately, and it shone a shining beacon to show its mediocrity recently...

Now it was curious they let this happen. So, feeling like a good Samaritan at the time, I went to the hotel to let them know that their sign is sending the wrong message. It's been years since I entered the lobby, and I was surprised at how sleazy the place has turned out. Waiters playing cards in a vacant restaurant; dark corners made creepier by dirty marble floors. A lone receptionist told me coldly there are no supervisors or manage on duty. I showed her the picture. She just shrugged and said she will note it down.I left, thinking it's no loss to me.

Two weeks pass and that signage still held up, until it got repaired to show the full sign. Perhaps somebody else noticed. The absentee manager? Yet, two nights later it broadcast-ed a different message...

Now do they have a new product? A new incentive to patronize this hotel? I never bothered to go back. The receptionist was blase about the faux pas anyway. That sign stayed up for two and half weeks before it got fixed.

But a few days after that was hilarious...

The Manager obviously does not care. A month goes by and it still is blazing its red letters that way. I wonder how many got duped into thinking that there is that to eat?

Mediocrity. Along Makati Avenue. Eat. Eastern. Ho.

Have you seen equally disturbing hotel signage elsewhere?

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