the last straw



I have made a decision. It was borne out of pride more than necessity. The last straw was drawn and now I find myself looking forward to moving on.

Two weeks ago I sent out my CV to a restaurant group that would open a restaurant in March of next year. Posted on an on-line job listing, it had its usual prerequisites. But what stood out is that they needed somebody who knew how to cook and could speak German. Hey, I could do that.

A week went by and I didn’t hear a thing. Until last week. One of the owners called me up for an interview one afternoon. After another interview through Skype from Singapore, next thing I knew I was offered the job. Culinary Director. Nice ring to it, no?

Then they told me I had to go to Singapore in the next week or so to train. And like Murphy, I found that my passport needed renewal. Oh no. Pulling a few favors and going through the motions of passport renewal, I will be ready to leave on time.

As for the restaurant I am working in at the moment, the more I think about moving on, the more it looks like that this place is going to the dogs. More mistakes are cropping up. More mediocrity is emphasized. More obvious that there will be nothing here in the future.

So I took the job. I will. I need it. Being away from my family for a couple of weeks will be hard. But in the long run it will be good. It will be very good. Click on the image above and see where I am going. Tell me. I will be in Singapore soon. Anything interesting to see or do during the few hours I am free?

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