This is my kind of morning

I like mornings like this.


I drive my daughter to school every morning for the past countless mornings. We drive with the windows down, to take in the fresh, crisp air and revel in the relative quiet of going through the near empty streets. And this time of year we are treated to some cool weather, with a light morning fog blanketing the low skyline of the nearby villages.

The yellow glow from the sunrise makes everything more colorful during the nine kilometer travel from home to Montessori. Me and Maxine see more things in detail, notice unusual places and appreciate what was not noticed before. Roosters calling in for duty. The streets are actually a lighter shade of gray. Drivers are friendlier. There are less psychotic jeepney drivers. A hole-in-the-wall bakery actually just popped out on us as we followed the scent of freshly baked bread.

On the way home I deliberately kept the radio off. I just stared out through the windshield, pensive, mindful that in a few minutes all so-called drivers will be let loose. I was not in a hurry to end morning drives like this. And I was on schedule.

It is mornings like this that make me look forward to the day. I am my own commander. I control fate. I am the creator of what will happen.

Cue “Roam” by the B-52s…

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