Soup Kitchen

A thought occured to me this morning. With all the restaurants sprouting all over the metropolis, it is very easy to find a particular craving. Though some of the offerings are good, most of them are not real food, some are just pretentious restaurants, most after your money. Who would think that slapping fresh fruits on shaved ice can cost you around P120?

The one thing that is lacking is restaurants that offer a good selection of soups. Good soups, soups that are considered a meal in itself, healthy soups.

I thought of putting up a small Soup Kitchen. One that provides good soup. Staples such as French onion soup, tomato soup and gazpacho are a given, but why stop there? Why not be innovative? Fresh seafood with soba noodles in a light soy broth. Gingered pork with bok choi. Mussels in creamy white wine. The possibilities are endless!

Of course great soups go with great bread! Farmhouse, foccacia, pan de sal.

Let me know if you have any great ideas on this venture. Would love to get as much information as possible to make this a hit.

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