The first step toward my restaurant

I have finished the business plan, and have already emailed to potential invenstors. Of course, in today's economy, we are all holding to our cash as long as possible. But i believe my concept will take advantage of the economic downturn by offering more affordable fare without sacrificing quality that other restaurants could not.
So i cross my fingers on how it could go. One of my acquaintainces is a prominent business man, so successful he can spend hours having lunch and then coffee at an Italian restaurant I used to work for. Another reader, the son of a hotel owner, says it is a good thing to get going. So, for the first day and the first step, it has been encouraging.
The projections are about P3M per year, topping off at P4M by the third year, with a 15%-22% net profit. A second store is planned once the P3M milestone has been reached. The first milestone is an investor who can participate in this adventure. Any takers? If you are interested, send me your email, and I will send you the business plan. 

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