Private Chef parties this week

Well, the party last Wednesday was a blast. they loved the Ligurian Beef Stew and the Linguine Vonghole. Turns out that the guests were real lovers of food, they even brought great French wine to go with the menu. I did so well I was given another party for 30 people tomorrow night. This time the menu includes a roast rib eye, Red snapper cartoccio and tiramisu!. the budget is bigger, and it seems the menu will really stuff them. Kids will be able to enjoy the pigs in a blanket made with Puff pastry and german franks.
Did the whole grocery shopping in three hours. As i type this, i realized I forgot to get the puff pastry from santis when i picked up the rib eye. Sigh. I will figure something out.
Tomorrow will be a full day for me. Morning is reserved for my daughter's moving up ceremony. She will be in kindergarten next year. Then cooking in the afternoon for the party to be served at 1930h, then home at ten or eleven to do the cooking for Rossana's company outing. Food will be picked up at 0430h Saturday. Tiring. But I hope it will be worth it.

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