Black Box Recipe Contest

Market Basket. Every chef, cook, foodie loves this exercise! Get a bunch of random ingredients, put them on a pile, then figure out a three course menu from the lot!

Now I pose this challenge to you. Earlier I asked you dear readers ealier in the week to crawl this blog for clues. And the clues are quite simple. It is the ingredients in all the recipes posted. For the Black Box Recipe Contest, gather the ingredients I will be mentioning for the next few weeks, which will build up to the Black Box Recipe. Create your own Three-Course Menu from the Blackbox. Write down the recipes,photograph your dishes, then post it up on my facebook page or the blog site. You can also email your winning recipe for me to post on the blogsite.

The winning menu will be judged by readers' comments as the best menu, earning a great set of Silicone kitchen tools and a COOKIES CUT OUT T-shirt!

Recipes and menu should be original and never been published. Recipes must use only the ingredients mentioned. Creativity in cooking and preparation is encouraged.

Contest Begins 13 November and will run until 16 December. Winner will be posted on Christmas eve. So get cooking! Anybody can join!

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