The year is twenty ten for the personal chef

It is imperative that 2009 remain behind us, below us, or whatever. At least for my case, it was not one of the best years. Each and every individual believes in the idea of a perfect circle of life one way or the other. Karma, Yin and Yang, what goes up must come down kind of jazz. Most of the year has been trying, making me appreciate the simple pleasures more. Such as the first time I saw my little Maxine stand proud with chest out after having her first medals pinned on her graduation dress, the afternoons that I get to sleep uninterrupted, the taste of great parmiggiano reggano crystals, spending some moments with Rossana, the smell of my bath liquid soap. Sometimes when I am down in my luck i reflect on what I could have been doing wrong, or what I have not done at all. I can not say if I found myself staring into space, but I remember the times when my shoulders would ache because of stress, because of worries, because of the unexpected. Those moments were not very pleasant, but it did make me and the people around me stronger. And with head up high, I look forward to the coming year with the following resolutions:

Get more outdoor time

Get more kitchen gadgets

Quit smoking

Make new friends

Join more social network clubs (OFFLINE)

Look for and cook more Italian Recipes (at least once a month)

Pay off ALL my debts

Be an expert in Photoshop

Learn Adobe Premiere

Spend more time with Rossana

Spend more time with Maxine

Restaurant hop at least once a month

Save up at least 10% of all my earnings each month

Live within my means

Get The Naked Chef Book

Get the Silver Spoon Recipe Book

Be less critical

Bike more

Drink 8 glasses of water each day

Change toothbrushes every 3 months

Get fluent in German and French again

Travel more

Practice Zen to Done

Calm down

Rev up

Lose the negative people

Be more pleasant

Be firm

Be more flexible
Maintain weight at 165 pounds

Take care of my shoes more

Be adamant in getting the Souped Up Restaurant up this year

Spread the joy

Pray more

Love more

Frown less

Pout less

Have more sex

Be more inquisitive of new ingredients

Spark my curiosity

Feed on my curiosity

Lose myself

Live in the moment

Live in the present

Chuck out the ALL CAPS on my keyboard



Have I missed anything?

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