Personal Chef Wish List

Christmas season. A time of giving. A time of sharing. For warm hugs, family time, quality time, differences set aside. And there are people like us who would dream of things, wishing upon a star for a few deliriously fantastical things. What would I like to have stuffed in my stocking?

Microplane grater

Global Chef's 10" Knife

Kitchen clogs from Denmark, size 43

A case of Maldon Salt

Magnetic Digital Day Counter, for when I need to know when to throw it out

KitchenAid Artisan Series, in Hot Rod Red no less!

Jamie Oliver's Flavor Shaker

Reveo Marivac Food Tumbler. Because this thing actually works!

The complete BBC Comedy Chef Series on DVD

Le Creuset Cast Iron French oven in Cherry Red

Chiasso Magnetic Spice Jars. Oh this would be so lovely on the wall, better than a dinky spice rack 

1 GB Dual DVI Video Card. Well, why not soup up my PC?

1 gallon Selecta Ube Ice Cream

Batman Tumbler RC. I want to turn this into a PC

Instead of a wristwatch, a Pop Swatch is convienently readable from my chef jacket sleeve

This blogsite, having URL

A large granite mortar and pestle

500 satisfied users of my Excel Recipe Cost Sheet

Tassos Greek EVO

Mavrodaphne dessert wine from Patras, Greece

A pasta machine, to make lovely raviolis

It's not much of a list, but it is a list. Hmmmm. What is your wish list? 

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sophia rocks! said...

I want a DSLR so bad, I feel an ache each second I am without it. Okay, exaggerating, but I really really do want one!! >.<