The personal chef and the blog

Yesterday was spent trawling the web looking to how to get my recipes indexed on a specific page. Because, to tell you honestly, I am not that adept at HTML encoding, and it seems to me that every other blogger has run ahead of the pack. Formatting the blog that I have painstakingly nurtured for the past couple of years has borne several incarnations, from the a news feed magazine style, to a one column blah, to what is presently a decent attempt at minimalism and straightforwardness.

Alas, I still feel there is something missing, or something too much. The recipes are from complete, I know, and I am working on that. The content is compelling by average standards. The Layout is as intuitive as I can make it so. But what is missing? What is too much? The recipes need to be indexed somehow, for the benefit of my readers. By category, by cooking technique, by ingredient. I do not know where to begin.

The layout needs improvement. Not saying that it’s bad, (even though I do say so myself) but it could be better.What color? What Font? What about the ads placement?

So I ask the dear readers for help. I need your input. I need your suggestions on how I can make this better for you. So please, for everything that is as  sacred as a complete set of gleaming copper cookware, What is it you want to see, (and things you’d rather not) that would help the Personal Chef make the blog more personal.