Share with the world, make it a better place

Sharing Sharing is good. Because competition can only bring us so far. Giving and compassion, faith in the human condition, helping others and selflessness. It is by this spirit that the world is becoming a better place. I ask you, what have you done for the people on your chat list recently? For the guy driving next to you waiting for the light to turn green? For your wife? For you child’s classmates?

Volunteer you services to a local church or charity
Bake some cupcakes and share it with a neighbor this afternoon
Somebody may need your books. Freecycle it
Offer a ride. Get carpooled
Have a weekly potluck with friends
Perform random acts of kindness
If someone owes you, ask to pay it forward
Get creative and make things. then give them away
Make real chicken soup for someone who is ill
Say ‘thank you’, and mean it
Teach a lonely friend how to cook. Teach your little brother how to cook
Tell 2 friends where to shop for the best tomatoes
Make a video on how to cut an onion without crying and post it on YouTube
Get your DVD player and TV outdoors and watch a movie under the stars with friends and family
Give your last cookie to the first person you see after lunch
Lend your baking pans to neighbor for the weekend
Help clean up the local playground
Teach a stranger how to spot fresh fish the next time you are at the seafood market
Read to the blind
Volunteer clean up duty at your local park
Start a community garden in your neighborhood, or join an existing one
Help reclaim the sidewalk for everybody
Be a mentor
Have a mentor
Compare notes on ex-boyfriends
Help make a poster for a struggling band
Read up and share information on important national matters
Share your favorite recipes on the internet
Go pro bono for anyone the first time you meet
Offer to train out-of-school youths
Work in a hospital for a whole month free
Share a laugh, share a joke
Donate to the guy who created the freeware that made your life at least twice as good
Participate in discussion forums on-line. Surely you have at least one thing you’re good at that can help others
Form a support group. Join a support group. Help a support group

This is only the beginning. So many things can be attributed to sharing, to one community. It may be utopian, or it may be a little preachy. Think about it. You really have nothing to lose. And so much to gain. Add to the list above. I am sure other readers will be able to use your input as much as I will.