Oktoberfest! Beers! Pretzels!

Photo0832What can you pair with beer? Pretzels. salted, cinnamon, choco-dipped, whatever.

The following recipe is the base of many recipes that it can be built from. Have fun. Enjoy. please let me know how it goes.

15g active yeast
4g white sugar
240ml warm water

In a small bowl, combine and let stand until creamy, about 10 minutes

625g all purpose flour
100g white sugar
9g salt
15ml vegetable oil

In a large bowl, sift together flour, sugar and salt
Add oil and yeast mixture
Mix until you form a rough ball. Add a little water if too dry
Place dough on a smooth surface and knead until smooth, ‘..like a baby’s behind’. Takes about 7-10 minutes
Place dough back into bowl, cover with cling film and let rise until double in size. Takes about an hour
Punch down dough, knead for a further minute or two
Divide dough into equal parts of 120g each
Roll into ropes about 2 feet in length
Form into pretzels
Transfer to baking tray

110g baking soda
950ml water
55g rock salt

Mix in a small bowl baking soda and water
Brush pretzels lightly with mixture
Sprinkle tops with rock salt
Bake at 375F for 10-12 minutes until golden brown all over
Let cool

Variations: for cinnamon pretzels, brush with melted butter instead of baking soda mixture. Then sprinkle with cinnamon sugar mixture (100g sugar to 7g cinnamon). For chocolate pretzels, melt chocolate over double boiler. Do not brush pretzels with anything before baking. After baking, dip pretzels one side down into chocolate, then  let cool.

Now, what is your favorite beer?