A little under the weather

I wake up this morning feeling groggy, body heating up and generally not at the top of the world at the moment. And there are still loads of things to do. I recently purchased a few items for the test kitchen. Much of which I hope I will get my money’s worth.

Working in a professional kitchen is really tough. They do not teach you this at culinary school. Long hours. Doing a million things all at the same time, every dish identical all the time.

Down periods are meant for mise en place and hoping that you do not get in the weeds later on. You cover your bases. Cover the other cooks’ bases and asses. Maybe grab a bite. Standing up in a corner of the kitchen, grabbing any morsel, any scrap that may be lying around, just to feed the beast. Not garbage, mind you. Food. Real food. When did I eat last?

Lots of water. I think 8 glasses a day is not enough in a hot kitchen. Not enough. I drink maybe twice as that, and I still pee dark yellow, a sign of dehydration. Iced tea and coffee? Forget it. It’s a diuretic. Makes you want to grab the water pitcher after.

Burns, cuts. Circles under the eyes. Forgot to shave. I wish I did not have to shave. A goatee would look cool. But my face does not have that ability unfortunately.

Thankfully, I can still keep my whites impeccable during a shift. It would smell like food, but no stains, spills, oil or blood.

I need to encode some of my recipes. So in case I do lose my Scribe, I won’t cry. Costed out. Secret recipes and techniques. Anecdotes. The little black book is with me all the time, just in case.

Need to test out discovered recipes during my wonderings. Maybe the dead of night would allow some time to crank out a dish or two to see how it comes out, if it was even worth it.

Got boxes and crates of pasta, sauces and dressings last night. Something I can play with for the next two days. So much to play with. I can feed A whole village with this stuff for a whole week. Maybe that’s what I will do.

Need to catch up on my DVDs. Have gotten so many over the past few months, but never had time to view them. The ‘Back to the Future’ Trilogy is calling to me. Escape. Escape from the real world.

Personal problems. Physical problems. Financial dilemmas.

I love and hate Facebook. Too many opportunities. Let’s leave it at that.