Chilling out on a Wednesday afternoon

After pulling an all-nighter, I took a cold shower this morning to freshen up, climbed into bed, switched on the telly, and just zoned out. Since school was called off, I didn’t have to stay awake to get Maxine ready. Sleep came slowly, and by the time the tv’s sleep timer kicked in, I was out of it.

Woke up about 6 hours later, groggy, hungry, and mentally listing the things i have to do for the rest of the week. I would like to have some time to go see the new Transformers movie. And have dinner at a good restaurant.

A local spa has contracted my services for one of their clients who is having a wedding shower sometime next week. Some health food, serene selections that match the zen like state that they might achieve. I was thinking of cocktail food that are out of the ordinary…such as Shrimp mousse on melba toast, baby squid with penne and pomodoro in a small tea cup, Chicken liver pate on tartlets with olive pesto, gingered pork skewers and stewed apples with ube ice cream. Maybe. Seems good.

I sit back now as i am typing this. Glancing once in a while out the window into the rainy excuse for a neighborhood, I would like to reflect, but can’t. Don’t feel like it. I have a sore over my left shoulder, a pain I have not felt for three years. The arches on my feet are killing me. It IS peaceful, but I would rather be in a snowy climate teaching my kid how to snowboard.

I would reflect on one thing though: Go google Facebook vs LinkedIn. These social networking sites are popular nowadays. But I am of the opinion that these two will never link up. Why? LinkedIn is for professionals; Facebook are for people who are on their coffee break. LinkedIn connects you to employers, companies and past coworkers. Facebook connects you with friends and gives you the opportunity to stuff your face silly with inane applications. LinkedIn has your professional life logged and maybe even mapped out for you. Facebook has your personal life spread eagled for all and sundry to see. I keep accounts in both. And they serve me well. Have a look at my facebook account and LinkedIn account. Who knows? We may connect somewhere down the road.

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