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Me and my daughter recently had dinner at a local mall foodcourt, hungry that she was. After a few hours of playing in the playground, she developed an appetite natural to all growing little angels.
Maxine loves dumplings, siomai, fried or steamed.
Now I know the foodcourt is not exactly the mecca of fine cooking, but PaoTsin caught my eye. For one the line was long compared to the other food outlets. Long. What is so great about it?
For P45 you get a serving of fried sharks fin dumpling, Hainanese rice and chili garlic sauce. I got two. And an extra rice. Total price? P108. Placed on environmental-unfriendly styrofoam plates, the rice servings are big, and the four pieces of dumplings are the size of golfballs.
Maxine's eyes lit up at the sight of the dumplings, but was hesitant about the green Hainanese rice. So I cut a small piece of dumpling, spooned some of the rice, and asked her to close her eyes. I told her to just feel the taste, to just not think that it is green. Then another spoon, then another.
As you can see from the photograph, she loved it. Loved it so much she scooped out of my own plate as well.
The dumplings were filled to the brim, crunchy in texture. The chili garlic sauce was really reeking of the garlic. The spiciness was not over powering. And the Hainanese rice? Real flavorful. For this price, I would go here again, with or without my daughter. Even If i have to line up for ten minutes to get my order in. It really is that good.
We left the foodcourt with full tummies. She did not even ask for dessert. We talked about the food. She says that she would like to have it again next time we go out. Cheap date. We enjoyed ourselves, and it was a joy to photograph her wolfing down the sharks fin. I do have my doubts about it being filled with real sharks fin, but what the heck. It was delicious.

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