13 things that say you are an AMUSE-DOUCHE

We know or have come across at least one person like this. Hell, we may even have a friend who is exactly like this. Sometimes amusing, most of the time annoying, we put up with them for one reason or another. I hate stereotyping, but there are characteristics that can help anyone spot one a mile away. And here are some of them…

You just graduated from culinary school, and you think you are better than the chef

You appear on TV as a celebrity chef, but never have worked in a professional kitchen

Your professional timeline is that of a precious antique. You go to the highest bidder

You are a chef-whore. Hang around professional chefs and bona fide foodies just so that you can say you are

Vegetarian or carnivore, you impose yourself on the other side of the fence

You show up at functions and events uninvited, hogging all photo-ops

You have a whole line of cooking products under your name, yet you do not know how to fry an egg (K___ A_____?)

You have a steak cooked medium well to well done

The amount of cookbooks you actually have and used are less than amount of mobile phones you’ve owned

You blame ‘Climate change’ on irresponsible companies but haven’t changed your lifestyle to at least help the situation

You own a $100+ chef’s knife but never used it in the kitchen

As a culinary school graduate, you have no respect for cooks who learned it the hard way

You don’t know the difference between a hollandaise, a bĂ©arnaise and a maltaise sauce

Do you know any more traits? Let everyone know, for goodness sake!

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