38 ways to chill

The heat is bearing down on the pavement and bouncing up to our sanity. Yes. It is summer in the metro. It is ludicrous that we could not run the airconditioning at full blast during the hot summer months, owing to the fact that the Philippines has the 3rd highest electricity rate in the world (crazy, isn't it?) and it is not entirely safe for the environment. So what can we do to stay cool? Here are some suggestions. Some are obvious, of course.

  1. Wear loose clothing, or as little as possible, if not none at all
  2. Go commando
  3. Drink mint iced tea
  4. Avoid caffeine and alcohol, they are natural diuretics
  5. Get up before the sun rises
  6. Go out more often at night
  7. Walk slowly
  8. Cut your hair, or tie it up into a pony tail
  9. Go to the mall and soak up
  10. Sleep beneath the stars
  11. Put you favorite pillow in a freezer bag and chill for a couple of hours
  12. Keep a spritzer within reach
  13. Take a cold shower before and after work
  14. Chill your pulse points for a few minutes
  15. Place iced water in your hot water bottle before calling it a night
  16. Soak your feet in a bucket of cold water
  17. Go downstairs, because heat rises
  18. Eat spicy food
  19. Schedule errands for when the sun goes down
  20. Stay in the shade, if not indoors
  21. Drink lots of water
  22. Stock up on Popsicles
  23. Plant a tree
  24. Go cool-pooling. Like car-pooling, you share an airconditioned environment with friends
  25. Do the wet t-shirt
  26. Keep condensers clean and free of dust
  27. Park your car in the shade
  28. Be sensible when exercising. Cool down with these tips
  29. Go fly a kite
  30. Spend a few hours in an inflatable pool
  31. Go to work with a cold lunch
  32. Turn on heat generating appliances only when needed
  33. Hang an ice towel in front of the fan
  34. Sleep in a 'spread-eagled' position
  35. Freeze water bottles to rub over your neck with during the day
  36. Think cool. Rent movies that deals with ice, winter, cold hard rain
  37. Stay out of the kitchen as much as possible
  38. Take the airconditioned public transport instead of the car to work

I know there must be other ways to beat the heat this summer. Maybe you know of some. Post it here so everybody can 'chill'

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