37 Things to do before I die


I woke up this morning to my 37th year on this earth. I don’t know if you would call it a mid-life crisis, but I came to thinking. What have I accomplished? What else needs to be done? I still try to live life to the fullest, to seize the day, to take control of my fate. And I have done quite a bit.  Yet, Serendipity has left the best for last. So here are the 37 things, in no particular order, that I would like to do before I go six feet under…

  1. Be at the helm of my own successful Italian restaurant
  2. Spend a whole afternoon having sushi in downtown Kyoto
  3. Get my mug on the cover of leading Food and Beverage Magazines
  4. Finally get ‘Souped Up’ and ‘Hoagies’ up and running
  5. Have ‘Nyotaimori’ for lunch
  6. Consume a 10-course meal at The French Laundry
  7. Down a whole Bottle of Chateau Petrus 1993
  8. Work for Jamie Oliver for one week
  9. Meet Eric Ripert and spend a day with him cooking
  10. Bake the perfect Soufflé
  11. Put up a REAL soup kitchen somewhere in Malate
  12. To dine at Trotters, Chicago
  13. Grill steak in the African Savannah
  14. Gossip with Napolitano women in the afternoon while making conchiglie on the side streets
  15. Have the perfect espresso on the cobblestones of Rome
  16. Fish for Alaskan Crab
  17. Grow my own herb garden
  18. Go restaurant hopping in New York
  19. Spend a week crashing at a Vegetarian’s apartment
  20. Create the best thing after sliced bread
  21. Write and Publish an award-winning cookbook
  22. Be given the opportunity to reject an offer to cook on TV
  23. Build a great kitchen at home with all the bells and whistles
  24. Expose the government on their neglect on Philippine nutrition and poverty
  25. Throw pies at those pretentious chefs that appear on TV
  26. Teach an out-of-school youth and drug addict how to cook
  27. Spend an afternoon having Tequila and burritos in Mexicali
  28. Have a nice seafood dinner with my family on the sands of Boracay.
  29. Earn even just one Michelin Star
  30. Fly back to Zurich to live and cook
  31. To be the invisible driving force behind the restaurant industry
  32. To be Nigella’s favorite pen pal
  33. Have a few beers with Japanese business men while wolfing down yakitori in the alleyways of Tokyo
  34. Enjoy a cognac while overlooking the Hong Kong Skyline at night
  35. To actually emulate that Chivas Regal Ad in the Arctic
  36. Making pot roast in my own ‘off-the-grid’ home
  37. To make the culinary world a better place for everyone

Should I chronicle when will these things be done? Yeah, maybe I should…

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