Top reasons I would cook for the Philippine President


I have had the opportunity to cook for the President once. It was on the occasion of the opening ceremonies for a hospital down south. She was the guest of honor, and I was tasked to prepare for the presidential entourage. Here are the reasons I would do it again, despite the hassle of PSG dictating how you should pour the soup.

1) As a native of Pampanga, she is a natural foodie, so appreciation for the good things in the culinary life is generously given

2) Her poison checkers need to put on a little more weight

3) She could use the South Beach Diet

4) Though she has a personal chef in the Palace, she rarely gets to eat a leisurely lunch

5) Would love to learn of her travels around the world and the food the different heads-of-state has offered her

cooking.jpg 6) Would like to see what the Palace Kitchen is like. What ingredients do they have stocked? What equipment are used? Is it modern? Or still dedicated to the Filipino culture?

7) She would kill and be overthrown to have my corned beef sinigang (Beef in tamarind broth).

8) I am cheaper and offer the same high cuisine as the dinner she had in New York

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